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We service and repair thousands of Moog valves every year, here's some of the most common Moog *761 series Servo Valves that we regularly service/repair....

MOOG 761-4360B

MOOG 761-5079B5

MOOG 761K4112B

MOOG 761K4217B

MOOG D761-230

MOOG D761-2615

MOOG D761-2620

MOOG D761-2621,  D761-2621G

MOOG D761-2626

MOOG D761-2758G

MOOG D761-2776A

MOOG D761-317

MOOG D761-318

MOOG D761-369

MOOG D761-401

MOOG D761-501

MOOG D761-502

MOOG D761-531

MOOG D761-936A

MOOG D761F940

MOOG D761Z2776

MOOG D761Z533

MOOG D761Z940

MOOG G761-3001B

MOOG G761-3003

MOOG G761-3004

MOOG G761-3004B

MOOG G761-3004B5

MOOG G761-3005B5

MOOG G761-3006B5

MOOG G761-3009A

MOOG G761-3013

MOOG G761-3014

MOOG G761-3014A

MOOG G761-3015

MOOG G761-3020B

MOOG G761-3021

MOOG G761-3023B

MOOG G761-3024B

MOOG G761-3052B

MOOG G761-3053B

MOOG G761-3054B

MOOG G761-3055B

MOOG G761-3260

MOOG G761-3260B

MOOG G761-3261

MOOG G761-3264

MOOG G761-3264B

MOOG G761-3265B

MOOG G761-3504B

MOOG G761-3515A

MOOG G761-3560

MOOG G761-3562

MOOG G761-3564

MOOG G761-3611B

And many more!

Don't worry if the pre-fix letter of the valve you have is slightly different, this letter just denotes the country of manufacture (or 'G' for global valves made in the Philippines), so if you don't see the exact MOOG servo valve you have, don't hesitate to contact us to double check if it's one we can do!

Alternatively, if you are looking to upgrade/replace your Moog valve, we would love to quote you our new STAR servo valves!

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