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We service and repair thousands of Moog valves every year, here's just a few of the most common Moog *760 series Servo Valves that we regularly service/repair....

MOOG 760-102A

MOOG 760-712A

MOOG 760-723A

MOOG 760-724A

MOOG 760-814A

MOOG 760-842A2

MOOG 760-842A3

MOOG 760C260A

MOOG 760C262A

MOOG 760C264

MOOG 760C264A

MOOG 760C562A

MOOG 760C563A

MOOG 760C928A

MOOG 760-C262A

MOOG 760C263, 760C263A

MOOG 760C585A

MOOG 760C921A

MOOG 760F962A

MOOG D760-2658A

MOOG D760-2740A

MOOG D760-317A

MOOG D760-318A

MOOG D760-380A

MOOG D760-503A

MOOG D760-532A

MOOG D760-978A

MOOG D760C264A

MOOG E760-009

MOOG E760-102

MOOG E760-103

MOOG E760-136

MOOG E760-161A

MOOG E760-177A

MOOG E760-232

MOOG E760-301

MOOG E760-321

MOOG E760-338

MOOG E760-340

MOOG E760-363

MOOG E760-400

MOOG E760-401

MOOG E760-410

MOOG E760-495

MOOG E760-503

MOOG E760-505

MOOG E760-506

MOOG E760-551

MOOG E760-553

MOOG E760-578

MOOG E760-604

MOOG E760-635

MOOG E760-636

MOOG E760-644

MOOG E760-646

MOOG E760-803

MOOG E760-912

MOOG E760-982

And many more!

Don't worry if the pre-fix letter of the valve you have is slightly different, this letter just denotes the country of manufacture, so if you don't see the exact MOOG servo valve you have, don't hesitate to contact us to double check if it's one we can do!

Alternatively, if you are looking to upgrade/replace your Moog valve, we would love to quote you our new STAR servo valves!

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