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The most common Moog *631 series Servo Valves that we regularly service/repair....

MOOG 631-143C

MOOG D631-001

MOOG D631-253C

MOOG D631-249C

MOOG D631-324C

MOOG D631-334CA

MOOG D631-334FA

MOOG D631-335C

MOOG D631-335CE

MOOG D631-342C

MOOG D631-343C

MOOG D631-344

MOOG D631-346C

MOOG D631-355C

MOOG D631-355CE

MOOG D631-387C

MOOG D631-397C

MOOG E631-009C

MOOG E631-042C

MOOG E631-044C

MOOG E631-3004B

MOOG E631-3005B

MOOG E631-3006B

MOOG E631-3008A

MOOG G631-3004B

MOOG G631-3005B

MOOG G631-3006B

And many more!

Don't worry if the pre-fix letter of the valve you have is slightly different, this letter just denotes the country of manufacture, so if you don't see the exact MOOG servo valve you have, don't hesitate to contact us to double check if it's one we can do!

Alternatively, if you are looking to upgrade/replace your Moog valve, we would love to quote you our new STAR servo valves!

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